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    It’s been a while since I checked these links, so I don’t think it’s new breakage in 3.1.2…

    If I follow links from the my author page (which you can get to by clicking the site owner’s name on any image page), or Steve Cukrov’s (just to show it’s not only my site) click on Network and then click on one of the links to another site.

    You go to the blog, if the site has one, or get a page not found (JK Travel Photos) or in the case of Scenic Oregon it was an under construction page. These links should go to the home page.

    I’m not sure if it’s the ?r=sitename suffix that’s causing the problem, and there is one site I link to (that’s running 2.6.6) where things behave – Stockabily

    I tried this in Safari to be sure it wasn’t just some weirdness in Chrome and I see the same things.

    Does anyone else see this?

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    Imago Borealis

    It’s definitely not new! My 2.6.5 site shows the same behavior. 😯 Unbelievable that none of us noticed this so far…

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    I got mixed results – some went to the home page but most went to the blog. I just updated to all the latest versions of the pro plug in, WP, etc. and I’m on Windows – using Firefox.

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    I think I am corrently running 2.9.7 or 2.9.8

    All but one of mine went to author pages and the one that went to the home page had a note on it saying site was broken

    Followed link back to my site from dollar999 and it went to front page - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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