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    Sorry, but I have to (respectfully) strongly disagree with this.

    Symbiostock sites started showing up last Spring (almost a year ago). New sites are popping up almost every day or so. In other words, Symbiostock sites have been popping up consistently over the past year. They didn’t all of a sudden appear in a day or a week. So there is no way that a generic computer program (such as Google) could somehow figure out that all of these sites are a “network”, especially when there are many other sites linking to them (blogs, forums, etc).

    As far as FB and Twitter are concerned, I feel like they are a waste of time. They only account for a few % of the traffic that is coming to our sites. IMO, it is a huge wast of time to concentrate on something that only provides a few % of traffic. People don’t search for images on FB or Twitter. They search for images on Google. So I would rather spend the majority of time on areas where most of our traffic is coming from (and potential sales) – which is Google. Please understand that I’m not saying that FB and Twitter are a total waste of time. I just don’t think that a majority of our energy should be put in an area that doesn’t produce results.

    I have thought about this for a long time (many months), and IMO, we should be concentrating on increasing the network capabilities of Symbiostock. The network aspect is one of the only reasons that people are actually getting ANY sales. Without the network aspect, customers would never be able to find your website out of the billions that are out there. IMO, if you reduce the networking aspect of Symbiostock, you will effectively be killing it.

    There is a good amount of evidence for this as well. Many artists have tried to sell their images on various websites with little (if any) success. Many people have discussed how much better Symbiostock is than these other websites.

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    I’ve gotten one sale so far. That customer found me through my Facebook page. Google has gotten me some traffic, but no sales so far.

    You have to look at what the big players are doing.

    1. SEO, of course.

    2. Paid advertising. In magazines, online, banner ads, Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Marketing departments that work on that stuff every day.

    3. Sales forces in cities all over the world. Actual human beings who call and nurture relationships with big buyers of stock images.

    4. Blogs. Interesting information that’s helpful to buyers.

    5. Big PR firms to write and place articles about them all over the media.

    They’re not going to throw money and effort away on all that stuff if it doesn’t being them returns. And I mean $$$$$.

    Just sayin’.

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    within the networks, the links aren’t readily apparent to google,since they mostly are displayed only on specific searches

    that’s why I’ve been exploring ways to link to my sym site from my higher ranking non-sym pages with pagerank 3 or 4

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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