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    Hi all,

    I am building my photography website where I will make gallery/photo proofing but also direct sales of digital photos.

    The idea wound to create private galleries for a specific customer with 50 images per session, and customer would select and purchase the ones they want. I will only have one single format for digital files, so no variation at all to the digital photos. Can I have the photos in private galleries for the shopping experience, or does the plugin generate specific locations for the individual galleries, independent of the normal WordPress galleries?

    This means that I would like a way to a customer select via the buy button the images they want, without entering photo details, or selecting options. It would be a quick one click buy experience. Is this possible, if no options are available for the product, only a single price per item?

    Also those images should be then sent to the customer as a bulk download link. Is this possible? If not, are the photos purchased available in the clients area, so that I for instance would be able to use the woocommerce plugin bulk download to then allow my customer after purchasing, to go to their customer are and download all images that they purchased?

    The integration with Woocommerce is only for the payment gateways, or does it use the clients area, client registration, purchase cart, etc… of a woocommerce store?

    Sorry for the amount of questions, but I am really trying to find the best one, or combine the ones that would implement my workflow.

    Many thanks,

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