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    Hey folks – I posted this in Support yesterday and got no reply, so I’m posting it again here – any help, please?


    On my shop thumbnail pages, beneath the thumbnails the item Name is displayed, and beneath that, the price range ($3.99-$39.99). I don’t want that $39.99 number to scare away customers, so I’d rather have no price at all beneath the thumbnail, or have it say “Starting at $3.99″ or “$3.99 and up”, that kind of thing; where and how do I make this customization?


    On the item page itself, I have successfully set it up so my lowest-price license option is already selected in the pulldown menu, showing $3.99. But the troublesome $3.99-$39.99 is again being displayed right under the item name. This is not necessary because each of my options in the pulldown menu have the price in the name; customers can get to the higher-priced options if they want to. So I want to remove the price range from each item’s page listing. Where and how do I do this?


    Also on each item’s page listing, my items currently show “SKU: N/A” because none of the items have a SKU assigned; I want to use SKUs but I don’t know how to do this – where and how do I assign a SKU for each item?


    The item pages also show an ugly mess of words right after SKU:N/A, listing Categories and Tags. I don’t need these listed and want them removed from each item’s page – where and how do I do this?


    I will use the Description, but each page also displays a tab for “Additional Information” and “Reviews”; I want neither of these, just Description. How do I hide Additional Information and Reviews from each item page?

    I’ve been poking all around for the answers to these issues and cannot find them anywhere – thanks so much for your help, guys!


    Kenny Kiernan

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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