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    Im having problems with Symbiostock full stop since the upgrade.

    In April I got my site home page to function & look how I wanted it, i then had to leave it until now.

    After a reinstall, I seem to have a number of errors so any help would be appreciated!

    1. I have this at the top of most dashboard screens:

    Almost done. Before Connect can finish activating, you’ll need to register your website as an application on

    Upon following the link, it wont create the application?

    2. My menus page no longer looks like this either in clean theme or child:

    I have no location options?

    3. My images just come through as ladybird (the ones that will actually process), even preview does not display them?

    4. What happend to the video tutorials from the original github published in April

    5. Nightmare

    Im not great with wordpress as you have probably gathered, however I found it only took me a few days to get the hang of it and set everything up before, now i cant get anything to work.

    Any advice, help appreciated.


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    Hi Oll

    Welcome to the forum.

    What have you upgraded – wordpress, symbiostock, plug ins ?
    Which versions are you using/upgraded to
    Why are you connected to
    Who is your host
    What is your site address
    Which plug-ins are you using
    It might also be useful to know which version of php.ini you have, if this has changed you might need to increase the memory levels in it if it was okay before

    The video tutorials have disappeared I think – most of them are now out of date as Symbiostock has evolved so much since April

    Does the draft tutorial in this section help with any of your problems - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art


    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the response,

    Host: Bluehost
    Connecting to WordPress: No idea, but this is causing problems
    Wordpress version: 3.6.1
    Symbiostock:2.6.5 Clean Theme 2.0v currently installed
    The only plugins running are Jetpack & symbiostock
    Where do I find the php.ini I have?
    The tutorial I posted the link to?

    Thanks again

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    Please see Identical Thread - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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