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    My images are just beginning to get indexed at Google, but this is what worries me: They show up on Google with the wrong thumbnails!!

    Try to look here:

    If you click one of the images, the caption will be completely different than what the thumbnail shows.
    If you click “view page” you will get to the image that the caption describes.

    I consider this to be a very serious flaw as to getting my site and images optimized for search engines.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
    Maybe I’ll contact Symbiostock support if such exists


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    I think that google searched the page and whatever it finds on that page it files away in its massive brain. You will notice that that that the image you link to does appear on that page but as a thumbnail – this is a standard google practice and I think it is why you will quite often find other people’s images appear when you do a site search.

    It is not just with Symbiostock it can happen with any google search - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    I find this a lot with Shutterstock and other agency images as Christine mentioned – my image thumb is in a similar images display on the page that got indexed.

    You can use robots.txt to direct the bots not to look at certain things, but I think you want your thumbnails indexed, and I can’t see a straightforward way to include them in some circumstances, but not in others (where they are in the similar images section of a page)

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    Okay that’s good to know 🙂

    So I guess I’ll just wait for Google to index the actual images with watermarks, and hopefully these will show up with the correct captions. I’m seeing more and more images being indexed everyday


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    in the example above, the image was indexed for the site that displayed it as a thumbnail – sometimes, when a site changes those thumbnails, the image won’t even be indexed any more, altho google will still show it until it checks the original page again

    if you click on ‘show original image’ you’ll only see the image that the original page showed, isolated, again probably just a thumbnail

    these are google ‘features’ not sym

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