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    I like to apply an “Extra” large JPEG version for images larger than 6000×6000 pixel. … But maximize it to 6000×6000 pixel

    Now, there is this option:

    The minimum number of pixels in the original media file that this license will automatically apply to. To find the pixel count, multiply the width times the height. Not applicable to vectors. Default: 0 to ignore.

    The “Not applicable to vectors” part is only true for sole vector uploads, or for JPEG + vector uploads too?

    The only reason I don’t wan’t to provide original resolutions (ie. downscale 6400×6400 px to 6000×6000 px) is because I think the term “Full” which appears doesn’t inform the buyer enough on what is he buying.

    Also, I changed “full” to “vector” at the translate section.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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