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    Has anyone successfully transferred a sym site to another host?

    I used the export tool to create a file, then setup a new wp site, installed sym & plugins, then copied these folders from the original
    copy from old version:

    then used import tool

    it sorta kinda worked –

    images are transferred ok, as are keywords and menus

    – general settings reset to defaults
    – doesnt find name of site or network info
    – network not activated, copyright name missing
    – author info — prices missing
    – widgets all reset to defaults
    – permalinks reset
    – makes duplicates of all pages except home page

    these are relatively minor things to fix, but one big problem occurs:
    creates new categories for each instance
    eg get
    Textures – Rock(1)
    Textures – Rock(1)
    Textures – Rock(1)
    after 3 images

    ie, if there are 3 images in a category in the original, you end up with 3 identically named categories each with one image (luckily my test has only 7 images)

    any other files orr folders that I should have been bringing over?

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    Imago Borealis

    Andre wrote a blog post last August about this:

    I have used his instructions successfully. Well, 99%. A few internal links in widget texts had to be edited manually. Other than that it worked flawless. However, your mileage might vary depending on the pair of Hosts you are using.

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    The seamless way to do this is to transfer the database and files directly over. Then you update the database in a few areas to reflect the new site.

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    I tried using redneck’ instructions but could not fnd everything he mentioned. I downloaded whole site to my computer to ensure I had it backed up. I did try a programme for moving sites that i was considering paying for for backing up, but it only did a small part. I installed word press on the new domain and then transferred everything from my computer into it, took just over three days running 24 hours. Used the velvet blues plug in for changing the names of links. Needed a bit of tidying up but did not have duplicate categories etc - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    thanks, looks like I have tinkering to do – I had hoped the transfer was a bit simpler, but still looks straightforward.

    I want to be sure that sites can later be moved from the co-op site to their own domains.

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