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    As you may know Symbiostock has specific requirements to be happy when installed on a host, including particular modules. I am very appreciative and thankful for all the hard work over the years that Robin has put into this for the community. I have been messing around with Symbiostock on a variety of hosted environments before settling on using a Digital Ocean droplet. While I am not finished with my (friends) store launch, I thought I would share the Docker containers which I have been using for the production, staging, and reverse proxy setup including this ioncube loader system. You will need to have some knowledge of Docker, and in particular how to build a Docker image, however, I’ve included some instructions in the GitHub repository. The ioncube component is for the cleanest and simplest product to social media auto-poster I found using Social Rabbit. I have no affiliation with them, just pointing out additional quirks of getting everything set up. Of course you can use whatever you want. The image does not automatically grab all the prerequisite plugins so that has to be added manually, although it would be trivial to update the files to do so. When I am done with my friends site launch, I will probably do this as to lockdown all the versions and plugins. While this is not a silver bullet install method, it is something of a base and I thought I would share it. I could see an afternoon of work to could get this to a full fresh Symbiostock ready image fully configured.

    Enjoy, and again, thank you Robin for all your hard work.

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