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    Here is some information I’ve compiled that will be useful for anyone setting up their own FB page and also for anyone participating in setting up the Symbiostock page.

    This has a step-by-step guide to setting custom tabs (those areas just under the header next to the photo albums) to link to pages you set up like a biography, FAQ or any other information you want to be accessible all the time. Read through the short step-by-step and you can sign up to download a free guide to setting up your FB business page.
    Editing to add that these directions were a bit incomplete. I’ve been working my way through the process but not quite ready to post a tutorial. Once I get it all figured out I’ll post a tutorial.

    Here’s a page that gives you the tools to easily set up custom tabs and other features. Also has features to manage scheduled posts. There is a fee (of course) but you can get one tab free. They get their hooks into you in that they do everything through FB app technology. Looks like it does offer a good way to give your site a personalized look. Basic is about $75 a year. Here’s an example of GL Stock Images using the free page (with links that link up to their site)

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    We have a little bit cheaper plan at and we can help with any of your needs going forward.

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    Rimsing – can you post a link to your symbiostock site please - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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