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    @leo wrote:

    Thanks guys! For the record I don’t actually want donations. Of course I appreciate them very much! But I don’t ask for money from people in a dying business, except for what has been minimally necessary to keep this project alive. The “premium” plugin keeps the whole thing alive. Also a fun community does, with all of their help they give to eachother.

    Mostly I’m just tired. My wife is extremely supportive, but even she’s asking me to let this thing ride for a while. It tends to suck out my spirit lately. I think its needed for everyone to tell you the truth. Symbiostock is too much about development. The energy should soon go into just having fun.

    I also think Microstock is going downhill, and as more “tremors” continue to break it down, market goes elsewhere. From the beginning I was hoping Symbiostock sites would be that main “elsewhere”.

    Anyway, thanks for your patience! And I always appreciate the extra slack to catch up.

    Leo, all I want for you is to stay sane, and not burn out, listen to your wife. And believe me when I say I am having fun. I love my site, and I love the direction this project is going. I would think, maybe its better if you focus on fixing this 2.9.0 version to perfection, instead of adding new features. With every new feature, new bugs pop up, which needs to be fixed. If we focus on making perfect what we have now, you can take a break, and get energised again, after spending a lot of quality time with your family. 🙂

    I mean this in the best possible way, its no dig or criticism, I just struggle to make this sound as friendly as possible, English is not my first language and thats the only way I know how to best say it.


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    @Semmick Photo wrote:

    Martha, my comment was directed at the OP to explain a few things. Leo has helped me out too, and I have donated to the project as well. My conscience is clear, if anyone here doubts my intentions I would be very disappointed.

    I knew/know that, Ron. Nobody doubts you or your intentions. You’re a great member of this team. Certainly have helped me out a lot!


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    Leo, on a fairly clean install of SymbioStock and the Child Theme I am not having any bugs. I do plan on tackling some CSS in the future to customise some colours and such but I honestly feel anyone installing a new site can do so quite happily without too much trouble.

    My only urgent point is the licences and you said you are making good progress on it. I feel that now there is very little reason why a person wouldn’t use SymbioStock.

    Thank you Leo!


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    Thank you Leo! Take care of you and your family!

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    I’m glad to hear everyone’s mostly happy. I’m going to keep up with Symbio development, but for a fact its time to slow down for everyone’s sake. But really its the product of many efforts besides my own, and I do appreciate it! Thanks guys.

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    Rolfo, I think that you should know, that your site has problem with German wp version. When number of images in results is greater than 24 and pagination appears, “Next” becomes German “Nächster” and xml results are corrupted.
    More in this thread:

    Leo: maybe this weird character coding could be easily fixed in pagination? I don’t know…

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    Thank you so much Andrzej, you told you me already in the other thread but I would like to thank you again this issue caused me so many problems and led to so many fresh new installs because I couldn’t figured out what it was, now I’m relieved and everything is going smooth.

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