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    Hello to all the Symbiostock Members!
    Maybe somebody can help m with my issue. I purchased today the great Symbiostock Theme, spent some time to replicate the Express Theme just to understand how WordPress works and while after uploading some test images I went to Symbiostock and created some Categories.
    How can I make these categories to show up on every page of the site in the bottom as I see in the Demo
    I spent three hours to get an answers on diverse sites but I dont have any answer about this.
    Thank you super very much in advance!

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    George Sheldon

    Hi Adrian,

    Create a category (let’s say Dogs). (Symbiostock –> Categories

    Assign images to the categories (let’s say you put poodle images into Dogs)

    Now add a Category in your Menu Structure (Appearance –> Menu)

    Put your menu in a footer – and then when someone clicks on Dogs, they will see your poodle images.


    You should be able to create your categories quickly, but I’d recommend you give it a lot of thought – because how you want your categories to display what is exactly what you should consider.  I changed mine several times when I started building my site.




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    Hi Adrian

    I think you might be asking a different question to the one George answered. If you mean how to you add that sliding category bar in the demo site, you do that in the Home Layout section of Symbiostock Express in an area called Home Custom Carousel settings. You can add a Slide there, upload a square image, but the key thing is then to put the URL of the category in the last box in that section. In my case, the category would be:


    When you assign photos to categories, WordPress creates a URL like this with the category name as the last part of the URL.

    That should work.

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    How can I make these categories to show up on every page of the site in the bottom as I see in the Demo

    Hello Adrian, you question is confusing because in Demo site there is no categories showing at the bottom of every pages and it is only in home page and in primary menu at the top. Maybe you’re asking about the Drop Downs in Categories menu in Primary menu. you can do that by going to your Dashboard>Appearance>Menus. Then ‘Select menu to edit: Primary Menu. There you can Add Menus and Drop Down Menus.

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    Dear George, Steve and Herbert,

    Thank you very much for your replies and willing to help. I really really appreciate it!

    All the above solutions have made me to better understanding how WordPress Works. Thank you once again.

    Herbert you were right, I guess that I was confusing when I wrote about the Demo site and categories.

    What I am willing to do  is to have on absolutely every page all the categories on the bottom of the page. For about 8000 photographs I need around 20 categories. Now, on the first Demo page there are only 8 categories, so all my 20 might look a little bit cramped but I would still try. Is there a way to do this from Dreamweaver? I have some basic html knowledge but the last time “I went” inside the code of a WordPress was around 2005 – now everything looks to weird 🙂


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    Just create one or multiple menus (Appearance -> Menus) and place them in your footer.

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