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    You can type search terms in to the search box or you can click on a keyword from a list under an image. You don’t get the same results from the two searches, although I can’t think of any good reason for that. I believe the search with fewer results can’t find keywords added with the batch editor.

    I have 3.2.7 and Premium 1.5.0 with PhP 5.4.24

    Here are the two searches:

    You’ll notice one image that doesn’t belong – a girl by a boat railing. I added the keyword wildflowers to that image using the WordPress admin panel editor.

    I wanted to add the term wildflowers to a bunch of images that had specific flower names but not the generic term. I did that last week using the batch editor (which was 1.4.8 at the time).

    I at first thought that something had gone wrong when the images didn’t show up in a search for wildflowers; then I realized that they do show up if you do the type of search that starts by clicking on a keyword on the image page.

    Adding keywords via the WordPress admin panel means the image will show up in both kinds of search, but adding keywords via the batch editor is right now limited to the clicking on a keyword type of search

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