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    At least with my site I can work for myself. So I am trying and I am expecting some moderate to great results 😀

    Independence is worth a lot. Good that you’re establishing your independent site while you’re young. Then you’ll work as hard as you can at your craft, build your reputation, grow your customer base, and make a good living from it all. I’m willing to bet you achieve that goal.

    Thanks! I am hoping so too. Once Stocky Image is finalised I want to go back to editing and publish. I’ve worked for myself on and off in my life and while a desk job brings the illusion of stability, I hate being chained to a desk at work for someone else. Here at my desk I have everything including birds in the bird bath a few metres away 🙂


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    the download link is sent to the email you use to pay on paypal — the email you use to (painfully) register is an extra, unnecessary step

    I sell maps from my website using paypal with no registration needed

    How is it done? How does the person get the link? From Paypal? How does the whole thing generate? If there is a hiccup somewhere along the line do you track it back through the payment/email used?

    Thanks for your info.


    the link is created in sym but sent in the thank you note from paypal

    you also get a notice of the sale with the image # and you always can track with paypal history

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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