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    What was 2013 like for you?

    This is a small update. I’m working on Symbiostock whenever I can. I personally feel the whole project is at a crossroads right now. Its fairly accommodating and functional except for a few annoying issues. This project could be adopted and brought quite far, or it might coast for a while. There’s also the possibility I might get my spirit back and put as much energy into this that I did last year.

    2013 brought a host of challenges and issues, besides my around-the-clock work on this. In many ways 2013 was crippling for me, with the amount of activity and stress and endless waves of difficulties. Things came upon our family by random which I had to deal with while managing this complex online living I make. In retrospect I miss the simple life of just being an illustrator.

    During these months I seem to be stuck in a fatigue I’ve never experienced before, so I would like to let everyone know I’m doing what I can to keep up. Its possible I am simply undergoing a fallout of a year running on adrenaline and caffeine! I hope that the network is manageable enough to give you the success and selling opportunity it was meant for.

    Lately I’ve been paying attention to technology and the direction things are moving in. Its quite amazing really. I feel with the right help Symbiostock could be much more than it is now, with more facets of unique functionality than it has now. With technology, demands, and laws changing this project could evolve into something very special.

    On the other hand — and I speak honestly — it might be reasonable to just take a while to recover. I’m going to start making an active effort to bring in developers. I’ll keep you posted.

    In the meantime, how was your 2013?

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    n the meantime, how was your 2013?

    For some of it – Horrible, too many deaths, both human and animals

    Good things –
    Symbiostock, kept me occupied for most of the year when I needed something positive to focus on, just need some customers now.
    I am still alive and can look on the positive side most of the time 🙂 - trying to reopen - Art and Nail Art

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    It was great! Big increase in sales on all microstock agencies, new projects and changes.

    Started working on my symbiostock site on the last week of december and have been putting a lot of time on developing and uploading my images to SY.

    Hope 2014 will be a great year for all the network!

    Thanks Leo for your efforts!


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    Thanks for all your efforts Leo. Perhaps this is a good time for consolidation – to allow the project to stand still for a while with just bugs being worked on. That would give the opportunity for all the wiki guides etc to be updated to follow the current version and for all information to be brought together into one place again. I know it all makes perfect sense to you because you are so involved in it, but for someone coming in cold it can seem quite disparate and muddled with the info scattered over various threads and guides and also split between MSN and here. If we want to attract as many new people to the network as possible then a completely fool-proof step-by-step guide for those with no previous experience of this sort of thing would be beneficial. I know that was set up previously, but I have found quite a few errors and omissions as I have worked through it as a result of later software updates that have changed the landscape.

    I have been working whenever possible on my site and hope to have it up and running shortly. As a single parent though I do find that the sort of concentration time that is required to learn a new thing like this is a bit thin on the ground so it is taking me a while! I am still very excited by this project though and can’t wait to get my site open for business. It has even got me excited about shooting stock again.

    Thanks again Leo.

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    My year was good and bad. Family matters sucked, but my microstock earnings rose enough to give me hope that I can segue into illustration full time. I’m cautiously optimistic about 2014. I get a couple of new likes per day for my Symbio site on Facebook; just waiting for those likes to translate into sales.

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    One of the few positive sides of 2013 has been Symbiostock , even though I came in rather late, it has not only giving me selling platform/network but I gained back a little positive interest in web design again.
    A big thank to the very engaged people in the network, especially Leo.
    May 2014 be a great year for you all.

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    Stock-wise, it was my first real independent year as a stock illustrator. That and symbiostock made me learn A LOT about the industry, and I enjoyed it a lot. Sale were ok this year, but still waiting for that first symbiostock sale. As long as the site keeps getting impressions and visits, and alexa ranking go up, I can be patient… at least until google finishes indexing my images! 🙂

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