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Your going to love the vat system. Once you input the vat number it auto-populates the rest (name, address, etc) super easy.

Right now we’re just researching if that is legal.

the Eu allows that for all country’s except Germany: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en

Wow you might actually have helped us with a major issue we were stumped on.

Just to clarify, we don’t know how legal this is:

Input VAT tax number…it returns basic VAT information.
Using that information, the system address search and get a more expanded address for the system’s records.

Its a matter of convenience – when the customer inputs vat tax number, the form fully populates itself saving time, trial, error.

This is the part we are questioning legality on. If you can help us confirm legality (or like you say its based on individual places) let me know and I will simply input an auto-populate option.