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Perfect timing of this thread from my point of view. Some days ago I thought about whether I would dare to start coding (I know html and css a bit, but php is totally new for me).
Why did I think about it?

1. It embarrasses me to ask Leo for new features or changes all the time and I would like to relieve him somehow
2. I want or need some features

So I started with something what is really crucial for me. I tried to add a dropdown list of countries to the registration process… and after some time of reading, searching within the existing code and trying I actually succeded (I admit I was quite proud 😀 ). But now I do not have any idea how to get this information into the “new registration mail” I receive after a buyer registers on my site. I’m totally lost at the moment. So I thought about sending a mail to Leo and then thought, that this would not mean to relieve Leo but vice versa adding more work to him (answering my mails).

So perhaps we could have a place here in the forum where more experienced coders help beginners like me to make progress in php-coding. My goal right now is to make it work for my site, but if anyone else is interested, I could imaging to develop a plugin (if I find out how to do that 🙂 ), which could be used by those with similar needs of aditional registration information (caused by European tax offices).