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This laptop comes with a 6 GB GTX 1660 graphics card. It is sturdy and can run almost all the games in full HD. It might even be able to run them in 4K, but they might stutter, which will ruin your gameplay.
When fully charged, this laptop will give you around 9 hours of screen time (WiFi). A standard 94 Watt charger charges it. The laptop and charger are heavy, which may be a problem. It can be cumbersome to carry them around frequently.
The only major flaw in the design of this laptop is the placement of the webcam. It is positioned right below the screen. You’ve to turn the screen to the back to get your face, and it still might be gloomy and dark.

This is a good laptop with decent specs for its price. It has won numerous awards in the best notebook category. While buying this laptop, there many different models to choose from. They all differ in graphics card and processor, models with RTX graphics card are priced high.