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    China busbar bending machine supplier

    The most significant feature of this type busbar machine is that the bending unit is controled by PLC system.
    This series CNC busbar processing machine has 3 units:
    punching,cutting/shearing and bending.
    It is easily to adjust each unit to shorten the processing time and improve the production efficiency.
    The punching unit,
    # This turnplate is in six-mode tooth shape.
    # Making sure the upper mold and the lower mold are absolutely in the center,
    improving the mold concentricity and lonten the working life.
    # No need to frequently change molds,labor intensity is also highly reduced.
    # Each tooth retains the enough space,workers can keep a good view during processing operation.

    The bending units,
    # Using a double -decker working table,which make sure that three stations working at the same time.
    # By changing different mold to do horizantal bending and vertical bending.(Including U bending and Z bending)
    # Controlling the bending angle by the PLC control system.
    Only need to input a busbar thickness and bending angle,the machine will process automatically.
    # Our busbar machine is easily to operate and learn,especially for the freshman.

    The cutting unit,
    Using sharp shearing,the incision interface is flat,
    no droop,no burrs,no waste and beautiful shape.

    The technology parameters of Hydraulic CNC Copper Busbar Bending machine,

    Function Item Model
    Punching Max. Punching Force (KN) 300 500
    Punching Diameter Range (MM) 4.3-25 4.3-34
    Max. Thickness (MM) 12 16
    Max. Width (MM) 150 250
    Shearing/Cutting Max. Shearing Thickness (MM) 12 16
    Max. Shearing Width (MM) 150 250
    Vertical Bending Max. Bending Force (KN) 300 500
    Max. Width (MM) 150 250
    Max. Thickness (MM) 12 16
    Honrizental Bending Max. Width (MM) 100(10mm THK) 120(10mm THK)
    Max. Angle (Degree) 90° 90°
    Out Dimension MM 1750*1350*1260 1850*1500*1400
    Power KW 3*4KW 3*5.5KW
    Weight KG 1350KG 1950KG
    The list (dimensions) of punching die sets included in machine purchase price,
    Re: We will offer you 8 sets of punching dies included in machine purchase price.
    The size of punching dies have,
    Round punch dies Φ7,Φ9, Φ11, Φ13, Φ15,Φ17, Φ19, Φ21 (mm)
    Oval punch dies: 7*11(mm),9*13(mm),11*15(mm),13*18(mm),17*21 (mm).
    Please select 8 sets of them.
    In addition,we also can customize the punch die size for you.Such as,round ,oval ,square or alien.

    1. What is your payment terms?

    40% TT as deposit, balance be paid when goods are ready for loading before shipment.
    2. What is your delivery time?

    Usually within 7-25 days after the deposit.

    3. What is your power supply?

    We will adjust according to your countries power supply. No problem.

    4. What is your Min order quantity?

    One set. Our customers can be end users, retailers and wholesalers.

    5. Are all the Labels and instuctions of the machine in English?

    Yes. the labels on the machine and the manuel books are all made in english version.

    6. Besides this machine, do you have any other options for me?

    We have dozens of options for you:

    CNC busbar machine; Non- CNC busbar machine, combined busbar machine,
    busbar cutting tools, busbar bending tools, busbar punching tools.
    hydraulic pumps, hand pumps etc.
    Please contact with us to know more informations!

    7. What is your requirement for exclusive / sole agent?

    We are looking for sole agent in world market.
    We need to test the credit and the monthly quantity of the importers.
    If the importer credit is good and reliable. And the monthly order quantity meet local market demand. We will come to further association.

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