• amazeindesign posted an update 5 years, 10 months ago

    Please check out my new symbiostock website. http://amazeindesign.com/

    • Thank you. Yours is very nice website and files.

      • Thanks. Hope we can work together for some time.

        • Yah, why not. I hope as early as possible 🙂
          By the way, I have one clarify from you. How is your stock business now a days. Comparing to other your other stock sites. hows the sales here in smbio site. Dont feel bad about my question, just I’m curious that I’m just building my symbio site now.

      • It’s fine for me. It is my first website and when I started doing it I realized it’s really hard to promote your own website. It’s that good that we had Symzio that’s why I’m not worried about sales in my website. As of now I got only 2 sales since I started my website in last October and lot of inquiry for custom work though my website. How about you?

        • Thanks for your answers. It really a help for me. I’m still tweaking my website. Some small, small problems, like thumbnail display problems, and also I’m uploading my files and categorising the files, like that. I hope I’ll be finishing soon. If any doubts about the symbiostock, can I ask you? If you don’t mind.

      • No problem for me. Are you using symbiostock subscription or other hosting? If your using subscription maybe I can help because Im using the same too. Or just ask Robin in the forum and he’s always answering questions and will guide you regarding symbiostock and symzio

        • Hi,

          Need a help

          I have business account in PayPal. Are you using standard Paypal? or something else?
          I wanted like buyer can use his credit cards also if dont have PayPal account. I am not getting it. It showing some error. Can you please help me. Thank you

          • Sorry I never experience any problem yet by client’s transaction through paypal using credit card. I’m using paypal premiere account. Maybe try to post new topic in our symbiostock forum so other members who experience the same thing before can give us advice.

          • Try to check your Woocommerce Settings > Checkout > Paypal > check Enable Paypal Standard and enter your paypal e-mail. This settings works fine for me.