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    George Sheldon

    What is everyone using for releases?

    Is there a Symzio release (one for adults; parent of child; property)?

    I’d like to have something that has the Symzio name on it.  If there is nothing official, can we make something up that would be universally acceptable?  (And of course, okay with Symzio.)



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    Hi George, in regards to Symzio, we do not permit contributors to associate Symzio (or use Symzio branding) in any way with model or property type releases. Symzio operates very differently to traditional stock agencies, kind of like Etsy or Ebay marketplaces that bring together individual store owners and it is completely the responsibility of individual contributors to ensure they have the legal releases they need for the media they sell. The reason for this is to clearly differentiate between Symzio and your individual brand as a contributor so that you have autonomy that supersedes Symzio and this is something that you don’t get with other agencies.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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