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    I wanted to start my own stock website and I went to InMotion for a VPS .
    I had a nightmarish experience, with support people very kind and helpful, asking continously “How am I doing? Please feel free to email my manager”, but the system was not working. It was not possible to have a thumbnail attached to the image to sell, only uploading one single image at the time by web!

    No errors reported, Symbiostock  processor was all green lights and also for the diagnostic wizard all was okay, no hint whatsoever  with the customer service suggesting  “this appears to be a plugin problem”.

    As I had a clone installation by Hostgator shared server working perfectly out of the box without contacting the supporting people, I  decided to close my account by InMotion.

    I’m just curious to know if someone has had some experience there.


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    I have the VPS there – I wrote about the steps I took here:

    Everything worked fine for me after I worked through each step. I found the support to be helpful, although I think I did things via email more than in person.

    No issues since – it runs very smoothly.


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    Hi Steve,

    I went to InMotion after reading it  🙂
    But my experience was really unlucky, the support was not able to find a solution.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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