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    After one month, I think it’s the moment to share my personal experience with Symzio link exchange widget.

    I use to follow my rank on several keywords to monitor my SEO actions effects.
    I installed the widget in the first week of november and saw some improvements on my ranking.

    Here are some screen captures to illustrate these improvements (red mark : Symzio widget installation)

    ranking 1
    Ranking 2
    Ranking 3
    Symzio Link Exchange Widget is a great and easy way to improve our SEO and to get more traffic on your website (+25% since installation for me).

    By now, only 11 artists decided to use it, so don’t hesitate, it will certainly boost your visibility

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    Oups, It seems that the images links are forced to https (you have to replace the urls to http to be able to see screen captures …


    Me too. Google search result is a good way to monitoring ranking.

    I use ‘cityscape photos’ to search my website. After implement link exchange widget, within 1 week, my site moved up from page 9 last one to page 6. It is working undoubtedly.

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    It will be interesting to know how many people use Symbiostock plugin.

    For some reasons I don’t understand some artists prefer living hidden.
    When you use the widget, everybody (and other artists) knows your site url…


    I think people except a few of us might be visiting this forum once per half year and don’t know what is going on. I don’t think anyone will refuse this free opportunity to gain rank boost. Especially when site is up and running, they don’t come to the board any more.


    Me too. Set up the site is just the beginning. There are whole lot of work to be done.

    However, others appears don’t think this way, or they have no idea how to maintain and improve their websites. Not suprising as they are photographers, illustrators not webmasters.

    When site is up, it’s done. They don’t check plugin updates, they might thought just minor bug fix… The update newsletters might fall into trash can. They probably don’t know the existance of link exchange plugin.

    That’s my explaination why only a handful of us are using the widget.



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    Valentin Tabirca


    This is great. This is what I see in Google search console: 8970 1793 1157 472 40 8 4 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1


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