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    I’ve noticed on, a loss of referring domains for my site and many other symbiostock sites. 🙁

    Any idea ?

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    I’ve never checked this for my site before but just did. Found the same sharp drop-off that Chris describes. Not sure what this means.

    Like Chris, I’d appreciate any input from knowledgeable types.

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    hadn’t seen this site before

    one oddity – a coupla months ago most sym sites dropped about 200,000 places in alexa – maybe they just added a million more sites, but the relative ranking of sites didn’t change much

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    I’d never seen this site before either. I checked my stock blog ( and that showed a big drop in pages (not domains) in the past 3 months, and then I tried my stock site (BackyardStockPhotos). That showed the drop in domains pointing at me.

    Is this to do with the issues of site search speed and the removal of network search from a number of Symbio sites? That network search was adding a lot of time to keyword searches until the most recent theme update.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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