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    George Sheldon

    After reading Robin’s message about the 2.2 update ( ), I took the plunge, and….

    Everything went great (so far). I don’t see any issues. also updated WordPress to 4.5.  The whole update process took about a minute and everything seems to be working great and playing nicely with my other plugins and the rest of my site.

    Thanks to Robin and everyone else that worked on the update.  Great work!

    How did your update go?




    I updated so far no issues.

    For some reason it felt a bit slow at first. Could be a server side speed issue. I optimized my home page contents and now it is lightning fast. 🙂

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    Yeah that’s one thing we try to do pretty extensively that a lot of other plugins (including WooCommerce itself) doesn’t – we test the hell out of the plugin before a release to ensure as much stability as possible. It’s an important step that a lot of development teams don’t dedicate time towards because it literally doubles the development time but on the other hand prevents the need for a new release every two days to fix all the bugs that show up.

    We’d rather not use you guys as beta testers on your LIVE commercial sites. 🙂

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    Milan Stojanovic

    All went ok for both plugins.

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    I updated my symbiostock, wordpress and woocommerce. So far there is no issues

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    I had to update my theme (to the latest WP 4.5 compatible version), but appart from that

    Symbio Stock 2.2, WooCommerce 2.5.5, and WP 4.5 co-operate just fine.

    You may check the site at

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    it seems, that media-status changed after replacing with vectors. they are not longer in draft-mode. thats fine and worked very well.

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