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    George Sheldon

    In another post, Andre mentioned about creating both a horizontal and vertical format of the images you place online.  is comment raises an interesting question, one of which I have been mulling over for the past several months.

    I am an “inky” guy, coming to this from the olden days of using film and publishing photos in newspapers, magazines, and books. One of the secrets of my success was that I shot more vertical (portrait) photos than horizontal (landscape) photos.  That’s because the photo editors used more verticals than horizontals, because of page layouts.

    I even have and use a battery grip on my Canon to make it easier to create verticals. So I agree with Andre, but…

    …now I wonder about this. The major sports shooters always shoot horizontal, and their images are cropped into vertical format. This is now being taught at art schools, too.  With the use of smart phones, doesn’t it make sense to have more verticals than horizontals? Yet  videos are horizontal.

    So what are you doing?  Producing both formats, more of one style than another, offering both formats on your Symbiostock site? Has the digital tech changed the way you produce your images and offer it for sale as stock? So what do you think?


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    Well, not every motif can be shot in both, horizontal and vertical orientation. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.
    However when I get the chance, I try do both since you can never know how the image will potentially be used. Also, I don’t think that the horizontal and vertical version of a motif fight each other as, for instance, two similar horizontals do.

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