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    Oliver Stoll

    Dear forum users, dear Symbiostock developers,

    I’d like to raise a hand for the ability to discount bulk sales on certain licenses. Let’s say, there is a license type for the image size 5 Megapixel, and if a customer wants to buy a certain amount of images under that license, so that it’s possible to automatically discount them – if someone chooses 6 images under this license it is a discount level, if someone buys 11 images under this particular license then it’s another discount level.
    I was playing around with the Woocommerce bulk discount plugin, however this is a little bit crazy to work with for this case – as it’s not considering the license type but I have to go into each media record and add the discount over-all for this image, but not per license type. We’re about to put in a couple of hundred images on the symbiostock page, and this will be too much work to add this manually to each product.

    Anyone, a good idea out there ?

    Thanks, Oliver

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    I would say that getting one or two sales on a self hosted site would be good! Discounts for quantity buys might be better to see on Symzio as a priority over individual sites.

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    I would imagine there are WooCommerce plugins that can perform this function. Symbiostock works entirely through the WooCommerce licensing system so you would just need a bulk discount plugin that is able to work with attributes. I’ll look into this when I have time, but it is unlikely Symbiostock will be able to provide this functionality.

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    Oliver Stoll

    Hi Robin, hi Steveh; thank you for your responses. It’ll be great if you also can have a look at this. @steveh – you know, it would also be a great thing for individual sites too.

    I was just thinking about joining Symzio with my stock archive, however as I’m based in Germany there are some quite special requirements by german law such an online image stock site should fulfill and this usually can – only – be resolved by using plugins like Woocommerce Germanized or similar stuff, I’m not sure whether Symzio accounts will be “suitable” for avoiding law suits over here or if hosting an individual site is the only way to go.

    We plan to operate the self hosted site too to use it as a download portal for our contract customers, who shall be able to get their images on a prepaid contract and just log in and download the image for free they need, another reason for a self-hosted site as this will be huge amounts of images.

    @robin – I’m glad that you might be able to help me on that. Tried with Woocommerce Bulk Discount, however this only hooks on each product variant (for each image itself), no chance to set the discount price for one variant (aka license) on the general tabs when setting up the licenses. Maybe it would be accessible through the hidden “Products” menu entry in the backend, but this is not accessible when using Symbiostock

    Looking forward to seeing your replies !
    Thank you in advance


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    Symzio acts as an agency. German laws should not be your concern when you contribute to Symzio.

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