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    You can create a list of your product categories in your menu in Symbiostock PLUS, even though you do not have a product page. If you don’t follow these steps, a user will get the 404 error when selecting your category on the menu.

    From the dashboard, choose Appearance -> Menus

    Select Custom Links.

    For the URL, enter:  #

    (Nothing else – just the pound sign or hashtag – whatever you call it.)

    Call your Custom Link “Category” (or whatever you want).

    Now you can add/list/order your product categories under your new Custom Links.

    Your menu will work perfectly – and the user cannot select or click on the “Category” heading in your menu, but can select and go to your actual named category.

    This works in both regular menus and mobile menus.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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