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    I’ve been wondering why my images are not showing up in Bing searches.  Here are a couple of things I found:

    In Yoast SEO, (from gthe Dashboard), go to XML Sitemaps, and click on Post Types tab.  Check your post types.  My media was not enabled. I am sure I did not turn it off. I have enabled it, and I hope that shows some improvement.

    Using Bing Webmaster tools, check your sitemaps. I had many old sitemaps in my account, dating back 7 years ago.  All of the old ones were broken.  I deleted them. For some reason, it seems that Bing keeps them, even though they are not working. I figured it could not be a good thing to have them on my account..  I now have only one – which is current and working.

    I also checked Yahoo, and images are showing up there, but not as well as in Google. I am thinking Yahoo might become more relevant if the Verizon purchase goes through – and it looks like it will (as of now).

    With the new Windows coming, Bing could get more active, too. You might want to check your settings and fine tune them, if necessary.




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