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    Oliver Stoll

    Dear Symbiostock team,

    as I’m a sports photographer who has to do a lot with nested categories, I’d like to ask if there is a API available right now or in future that I could write a converter for our database for so that our photo management application can upload images into a WP Symbiostock site and assign them to categories automatically without me having to upload the images manually and assign them one by one in the WP backend. You know, if you have a lot of categories in a single categorie (i.e. event name (first category level) -> sports type (second category level) -> artist name (third category level) -> image.jpg (here are now 30+ images) ) this gets a very difficult thing when trying to handle this within the 20-entries-scopesize backend for assigning media to categories.

    If there is a chance that I could write an middleware application to exchange data between our inhouse photo management database and the symbiostock database, that  would be very handy ! I’m not afraid of manipulating the WP databases directly, if you tell me how you build the structure for a new image – or if thre is a pre-build API that I could hook on to upload images and category assignment data to symbiostock. Please let me know, I’m really interested in – and maybe this is something that might be interesting for somebody else too !

    Thank you.

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    Hi Oliver,

    As it is right, now, categories are assigned via the Category metadata – however I do not believe this supports nested categories.

    The primary way to solve this issue is to figure out how to get Symbiostock to communicate with your application, and have your application tell Symbiostock which image belongs to which categories, and have Symbiostock then apply this.

    It is not highly difficult, but does require custom coding. The best method I can think of is having your application store the category information in a custom metadata field in the image, then use the custom metadata reading feature of Symbiostock to store it in WordPress.

    Once there, you can relatively easily create a script that auto processes this stored meta information for every product and create and assign categories accordingly.

    If you need additional assistance, PM me. Currently Symbiostock does not have an API that allows for external communication of the type you would need. The closest is as I mentioned, the importing of custom metadata from within images.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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