What is Symbiostock?

Symbiostock is a free plugin for WordPress, designed to enable microstock artists to sell their work directly, through a simple-to-use interface specially designed to handle digital media.

Who should use Symbiostock?

Symbiostock is great in that it does not restrict the volume of media you want to sell. If you are a professional with 10,000 images, it will work great. If you are completely new to the industry of licensing media and wish to start your own store for your amateur photography, you can do that too.

Symbiostock supports most media types, including raster images (JPEG, PNG) and vectors (EPS). Accordingly, it is perfect for photographers, illustrators and vector artists that want to showcase and sell their images online.

Best of all, Symbiostock is an extremely robust, full system with low cost – the plugin itself is free – all you would need is a Symbiostock Hosting account or your own hosting solution. With Symbiostock Hosting, you can launch your own store in 15 minutes for only $10.

How much does Symbiostock cost?

The Symbiostock plugin has been released free for you to use. In order to use it, however, you will need to be able to host your store somewhere. You can get your own webhosting account with Symbiostock Hosting or use your own third party solution if you already have one.

What is Symbiostock Hosting?

Symbiostock Hosting is a Symbiostock optimized hosting service created by the Symbiostock team. We created a robust, cutting edge and secure hosting solution as we kept encountering Symbiostock users who were hitting walls with their current hosts or encountering different bugs here and there that prevented their sites from running optimally, or at all.

As Symbiostock Hosting has been created from the ground up with media sales in mind, you are allocated a great deal more resources, and the hosting environment is pre-installed to be fully compatible with Symbiostock in every capacity. Accordingly, you can leave the technical side of things to us and focus on creating great media, and enhancing your store.

How can I support Symbiostock?

Great question!

As Symbiostock is free, our developers rely on community support to keep supporting it and making it better and better. You can help us by opting to use one of our optional services, such as our Hosting packages or using one of our premium themes.

If you don’t need any of that, don’t worry – simply talking about Symbiostock and linking to us from your website is a great way to assist in the growth and development of the project. As Symbiostock was conceived, developed, and is maintained by artists just like you, you can give back to the project through active social support.